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Free download the latest version of Foxy Modz MLBB APK for Android users this tool makes MLBB much easier by giving access to unlocked features without costing any kind of money and increasing the chances of winning.
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Being the last survivor on a battlefield is the biggest dream of every online gamer who plays one battle game. For this one needs well-polished skills and the required sources to win Foxy Modz MLBB Also when it comes to battle games the first application that comes to mind is Mobile Legend Bang Bang as it is the favorite game of every online gamer.  Mobile Legend Bang Bang is one of the most popular battle games around the globe. People who love playing online games are obsessed with this application but, like every other application, this app also has limitations.

The game is very challenging, especially for noobs and players who do not have access to resources.  Winning a game is next to impossible for new players who do not have excellent skills in the game and do not have any access to expensive resources. The features are locked and to unlock these features people have to spend money. No one wants to lose and no one wants to spend money, that’s why mod developers develop mods for Mobile Legend Bang Bang. 

One of the recent mods of MLBB is Foxy Modz APK. It is an amazing tool specially developed for noobs and players who want premium features, free of cost. This tool makes the MLBB much easier by giving access to unlocked features without costing any kind of money and increasing the chances of winning. Cyrax MLBB and Dix Injector MLBB are the same variants so you can try to more latest versions of the mobile legand games.

Foxy Modz MLBB APK
Foxy Modz MLBB

What is Foxy Modz MLBB APK?

Foxy Modz Apk is an android app developed to solve the troubles faced by players in MLBB. This tool is customizes the MLBB in many ways and makes it perfectly suitable for its players. The premium features are free and players have an access to resources that helps them to win any game. It also has got advanced features i.e. drones, auto trackers, auto heal, etc. The graphics and maps make enemy hunting much easier. 

Key features of Foxy Modz:

This staggering tool has got the following key features that make it the best:

Free of cost: 

Unlike the original MLBB, this tool does not require any money to unlock its items. It is free to download and free to use. 


Tracking your enemy is much easier with Auto Drone 2X, Auto Drone 4X, and Auto Drone 6X available in the tool.


You can customize skins for your characters. There are a variety of skins available on the tool.


The menu includes options like Enemy’s Icon Map, Shows enemy’s Bar-Info, Show Circle Minion, Show Monster jungle, Health Jungle, and Show Room- Info. This provides all the required information about the where beings of the enemies. 

Small in size:

The tool is very small in size and it will not take up much space in your device. 


Targeting your enemies is one of the necessary skills players must excel in. For this, the tool provides a menu including Auto Aim-lock Skills 1, 2, and 3, Auto Aim-Lock, Flame shoot, Closest Distance,  Aim-Lock Basic attack, and Lowest HP.

How to download and install Foxy Modz MLBB? 

Follow the instructions given below to download Foxy Modz APK: 

  1. Download the app from the link given on the site. 
  2. Enable unknown sources.
  3. Tap on the install button.
  4. Open and enjoy the app. 


Foxy Modz Apk, with free skins, drones, maps, and many premium features, seems to solve every issue faced by MLBB players. It is secure, you can customize your character as you like and it also has advanced features which help noobs to learn and excel in the game. 

Download the app and enjoy the premium features of the Foxy Modz APK. 

Frequently asked questions? 

Is there any kind of chance that the app contains a virus? 

No, the app is virus free. There is no chance of containing the virus. 

Is it safe to use this tool, when the original MLBB is there? 

It is 100 % secure and safe to use. It solves the problems you face in MLBB and do not harm the original game so, it is safe.  

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